Whether you’re a DIY pro or you’re just getting to grips with some jobs around the home, your garage is most likely where to magic goes down. And a well-equipped garage does more than allow you to fix your own car, it makes all those jobs you’ve got to do (the list that’s never-ending) just about bearable because of the efficient space in which to do them. So what tools are must-haves for a would-be mechanic or DIY master? Here are 5 IDEAL essentials for your garage workshop.


If you’re going to be doing some fiddly jobs or larger projects, a good solid workbench is imperative. In fact, beyond the actual bricks’n’mortar garage roof and walls, it’s the most essential part of any workman or woman’s garage. It’s where everything will get done and at a level that allows you to stand up or sit down to finish the job off comfortably without needing a chiropractor post project completion. It’s also the perfect way to keep tools within reach and all those other bits and bobs organised. And in an often dark, dank and dusky space, a little organisation can go a long way.


Regardless of whether or not you’re keeping your car in the garage, you’ll no doubt have a lot of ‘stuff’ that soon eats up into the space. From piles of paint from decoration days gone by to boxes of nails, screws and other random assortments, you’ll need to make sure all of this is in order so your garage doesn’t take on the look of a scrapyard; rendered obsolete as a place of any purpose in the process.

Start with some tool cabinets, shelving units and a good old-fashioned pegboard and you’ll be well on your way to giving your garage a professional, tidy edge.


Think of this essential almost like your third hand – but stronger. When you’re working away you’ll frequently find out that force needs applying somewhere, something needs holding in place or something needs holding together while glue dries. A bench vice will prove a welcome accessory during these moments of necessity.


If you’re mechanically-minded, you may want to consider investing in a trolley jack to help with fixing your car. After all, most of the important, vehicle defining things that can – and will – go wrong happen underneath your car.

So if you’re going to be crawling underneath to get a better look at that oil leak, be sure to do it safely by getting a good solid jack stand or trolley.


If you’ve ever hit your thumb with a hammer because you’ve not been able to see properly, or frequently find yourself fumbling around for screws, you’ll know just how important good lighting is for the success of a DIY or mechanical job.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the lights have to be as bright as possible, though. Rather, a well-lit space means plenty of light coming from all directions (including natural and artificial sources) so you don’t have shadows being cast all over the place.

Overall, one thing’s for sure – kitting your garage out with all these essentials will soon have you well on your way to DIY or mechanical success. 

Rachel is the beauty and fashion director at IDEAL. She loves trying new products and is an avid fan of London's fashion, from the high end to the high street.