The British weather is living up to its fickle, restless reputation right now. Such is Spring’s current state of flux and fluctuation that it’s impossible to choose a shoe that will be suitable for one day, let alone a whole season. Indeed, often the same shoe you step out in will have become totally inappropriate for the occasion by the time you’re walking home. Something durable, versatile and flexible then, to see us through ‘till Summer. With this in mind, here are the IDEAL shoes to keep a spring in your step this season.


Ah, flat shoes. To some, uncomfortable, unstylish, and too casual. But to those in the know, the sheer variety – dolly shoes, gladiators, espadrilles, ballet flats, this list goes on – makes them an unpredictable season’s perfect shoe choice. Flats are ideal for the warmer seasons, allowing your feet to breathe and feel comfortable, offering support whilst still keep you light on your feet; the even distribution of pressure across the foot one in the plus column over something like a stiletto. Just be sure to buy a pair of flat shoes with good insole support, as a thin insole can make you feel like you’re walking barefoot. Not what you want.


A shoe style that became uber-popular after Victoria Beckham introduced it in her Spring/Summer ’17 collection, one of the common, enduring styles on catwalks from fashion week is a court shoe with a high vamp. With a shoe like this you can’t go wrong; it looks like a boot, and yet is still classed as a court shoe. Versatility personified in footwear form, for sure. When there’s a distinct chill in the air at the tail end of late Spring evenings, the high vamped court shoe will be your reassuring companion.


Changeable weather is a double sided coin, and as the cold has been covered above, some lip service needs to be paid to the warmer side of Spring. Such a time calls for embracing the first shoots of sunshine, so drag out last year’s sandals and slip on a floral maxi dress that billows in the wind for maximum effect. If you’re not keen on recycling last year’s Summer favourites, then refresh your wardrobe and treat yourself to a new pair of glittery sandals, such as those from Majesty by Paradox London Pink. Go for a champagne fabric with diamanté details on the toe straps, preferably channeling those trending ice cream hues of green, purple, and blue, to really glam up the season.


Once the preserve of the 9 to 5, the slingback has now fled the office and found its feet on the catwalk. Revered for its adaptability, this shoe is equally as at home adding intrigue to a suit or bringing polish to your favourite pair of jeans. As Spring regularly sees four seasons – and subsequently, four styles – in one day, you’ll want footwear which fits a range of occasions. The slingback is such a shoe.

Rachel is the beauty and fashion director at IDEAL. She loves trying new products and is an avid fan of London's fashion, from the high end to the high street.